4 Podcasts That Will Help You Get Through Wedding Planning

Hello podcast land!

Today I wanted to share something a little more personal, because it has been on my mind for quite a while now and is REALLY starting to stress me out.

I’m getting married this summer to my high school sweetheart of 12 years, so for the last year I’ve been wedding planning. I used to dream about the excitement of finally getting to go through this process, but now that I’m actually in the thick of it, I’ve learned two very important things about myself:

1. I’m a very indecisive event planner, and I struggle to make timely decisions about things.
2. I’m not as chill as I thought I’d be through this process and tend to get overwhelmed easily.

There are a lot of small details that I never thought I’d care about. Yet here I am, losing sleep about ridiculous things like “will the sashes I excitedly bought early on clash with the rest of the colors I chose?” The answer turned out to be shit, of course they clash! This is what my bridesmaids have been telling me all along, and now I have to find new chair sashes.

Oh, and I’m also stubborn, but I learned that about myself  a long time ago.

So of course, I turned to the world of podcasts to see if I could find some people out there that could help me or make me feel better about the process. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found, and wanted to share these podcasts with anyone else also feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the craziness that is planning your wedding!

The Bridechilla Podcast

Okay, so I might be in love with Aleisha Maddock. Not only is her lovely Aussie accent a treat for the ears, but she offers great advice for a no bullshit wedding planning approach, and damn has she been helpful!

She interviews a lot of people that work in the wedding industry, and answers questions that her community has. Also, let’s talk about the Bridechilla Community on Facebook, which is one of the most supportive and close-knit groups I’ve come across yet. It’s just a bunch of awesome people supporting one another, offering their advice and solutions or looking for inspiration. So far I’ve just been a lurker in the group, but will probably seek advice in the near future.

I’ve always been a people pleaser, but the Bridechilla podcast has inspired me to chuck old school traditions I never wanted, to stop focusing so hard on other people’s opinions and plan the wedding that I actually want. No more drama for this girl!

The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

This podcast rocks the socks right off my feet. The hosts Michelle and Christy are two wedding consultants who have been in the business for quite a while, and they share their knowledge and experience.

It’s kind of like having a couple of your own wedding planners who help you out with the logistics and details of your wedding day. They go through things like what you need to know about catering, the wedding day timeline, and I was really pumped to see their “How to DJ Your Own Wedding” episode, because that’s my plan and I thought I was a crazy person for taking that on. HA! Validation!

I really like the vibe and sense of humor the hosts have, so I definitely spent a lot of time binging this podcast! Plan that wedding! 

The Secret Life of Weddings

So this podcast isn’t exactly going to help you plan your wedding, but it will definitely make you feel better about whatever drama you’ve been experiencing.

The Secret Life of Weddings is basically a podcast where people submit their wedding shit show horror stories, and they are entertaining as hell and will occasionally disturb you.

The hosts Lisa and Rebecca are wedding photographers, and listening to their podcast feels like you’re chilling with a couple of gal pals. Hearing other peoples’ horror stories helps to relieve your own stress and you think to yourself, “well, my wedding couldn’t possibly go that badly!” If it does, then at least you’ll have a place to submit your own stories once the big day is all said and done.

If you’re new to this podcast, I recommend that you DON’T start with episode 30, because you should really ease yourself into it, and it’s probably the most nightmarish thing that could happen on your wedding day.

Put a Ring On It

Finally, I’d like to give a shout out to the Put a Ring On It podcast. This show is hosted by Daniel (a photographer) and Danielle (a wedding coordinator). These two come together to provide insider knowledge with their quirky personalities and unique perspectives on the industry.

They give solid advice in all areas of wedding planning, but I especially love their “Dear Dans” episodes because a) I love a good pun and they seem to appreciate them too and b) they take time to answer listener questions and concerns.

I get the sense that they really care, and I’m always waiting for Daniel to “pull back the veil” on wedding traditions or expectations, which also makes me giggle even though he says it almost every single episode.

So these are the podcasts I’ve been listening to lately to help me get through these next 120 days! It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in the planning process, because these awesome podcasts will have you covered for whatever you might have questions on.

Go have a listen and let me know what you think! You can find me on Facebook or Twitter. Come join the PodcastMind Community and talk about your favorite podcasts!

Until next time my friends, take care!

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