Terrible, Thanks for Asking

Why hello there lovely readers!

Can you believe that summer has come and gone already? It’s not officially fall yet, but the PSL’s have been busted out, the leaves are turning and there’s a slight chill in the air. It’s my favorite time of year actually, because for me it signifies change and new beginnings.

What if change and new beginnings meant that you experienced the worst day of your entire life? How do you react when people ask how you’re doing? Do you answer honestly or do you follow up with the expected, “I’m fine, how are you?”

It’s how I answer that question. Every damn time. Even when it’s so far from the truth.

That’s why I listen to the podcast Terrible, Thanks for Asking. It’s about people who are experiencing heart wrenching pain and grief, and being honest with how they are feeling. This podcast is full of the feels that you can’t help but react to, like sadness, empathy, happiness and hope. It’s just real, raw human emotion.

The host of the show, Nora McInerny, has this natural ability to engage with people, which allows them to open up and tell their stories. She has this really warm personality that she uses to commiserate with her guests and inserts bad jokes when they’re needed. Nora feels like a friend you could share your hardest things with, and she’d listen.

I have laughed with this podcast, and I’ve cried with it. It’s the perfect example of how chaotic life is and how resilient people can be when they get the wind knocked out of them.

Here are two of my favorite episodes that you could start with if you’re just getting into TTFA:

Episode #14 Best Friends Forever: This episode is all about true friendship, and how hard it can be to find this as an adult. This is Janya’s problem, because she’s dealing with the loss of her best friend, Michele.

Episode #29: If/Then: Charlotte is an operating room nurse who is trained for life’s most chaotic moments, where she has a THEN protocol for every IF scenario. One night, Charlotte decides to drive a different road home, and suddenly life is changed forever.

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If you like Terrible, Thanks for Asking, then you’ll also enjoy Death, Sex & Money and Snap Judgement.

Until next time my friends,




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