Swindled: A True Crime Podcast That Will Have You on the Edge of Your Seat

Hey there, podcast listeners,

It’s official! I’m all settled in to my new home after my big move. The weather is always beautiful here, and it’s a fresh new start for myself and my little family. I’m still getting used to the move from a big city to a small town, but I’m slowly adjusting!

Do I miss Skip The Dishes? Hell yeah, I do. Do I have all of my stuff? Not even close. It’s times like these where you’re so grateful for all of the family members who have sections of their houses cluttered up with your stuff until you know how permanent your move is going to be. Thanks again for that, fam!

I’ve had a lot of time for podcast listening lately, which is basically the best thing ever. I’m really excited to introduce you to today’s podcast recommendation, Swindled. This podcast is great because it’s not your typical true crime podcast. Their tag line says it best:

“A true crime podcast about white-collar criminals, con artists, and corporate evil.”

What you’ll find when you tune in is a dynamic and engaging storytelling narrative. It includes audio from real-life interviews, news stories, and archived clips with people involved in financially motivated crimes.

“Money truly is the root of all evil.”

You’ll hear about everything from online dating scams, political scandals, corruption, and corporate greed and negligence. There really is so much more then that, and I find every episode endlessly fascinating.

The host of the podcast is “A Concerned Citizen”– a guy keeping a low profile, preferring to remain anonymous. Something that I personally love about this podcast is that there are no ads getting in the way of the story or message. It’s an independent production, where the host is completely set on presenting an immersive experience.

Swindled is gripping and entertaining, revealing the impact that greed motivated by money has on society.

You can find Swindled on your go-to app where you do all of your podcast listening, and I strongly recommend that you give this one a try. It is seriously one of my favourites and always look forward to the next episode.

Comment below once you’ve had a listen or come find me on my socials to tell me what you think.

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Until next time my friends!

Jill D from PodcastMind

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