About Me

Hello fellow podcast listeners and lovers!
My name is Jill Dowling, and I’m based out of Saskatchewan, Canada. I discovered the world of podcasts about two years ago, when I spent my days working in a science lab, and to be honest, some of those days felt pretty long, repetitive and quiet. I needed something to help keep my mind busy while I was working. That’s when my sister recommended that I start listening to podcasts, and suggested I start with one of her favorites, The Black Tapes.
Luckily, I had the entire first season to listen to, so I blew through it and was immediately hooked! Since then, I have come across some truly great podcasts, and decided that I wanted to share what was so great about them.
Now I want to create a community of people who love podcasts as much as I do, and listen to as many as I can. So follow me on this journey as I recommend to you the best of the best and why you should be listening!


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