The Butterfly Effect Podcast with Ash Newlove

Hey there podcast world!

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but sometimes life just kicks you in the butt and side tracks you from your goals.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in that cycle of “I’ll get to that tomorrow,” “I should prioritize this other thing right now” and “I just don’t have the energy or time for this today,” but then it’s the end of the month and this wave of realization comes crashing down on you when you haven’t accomplished any of the goals you set out for yourself at the start.

That, my friends, is the cycle that I’ve been stuck in lately. I’ve got these big life changes that are speeding down the road at me, and I’ve spent so much of my energy focusing on being stressed and overwhelmed by it all.

It’s felt like this downward spiral that started with not feeling like going to the gym, not taking the time to meal plan, making poor food choices, and of wanting to sit down and write but instead focusing the energy that I do have on being stressed. Ultimately, all of these things have led to me not feeling like myself lately.

But here I am writing on this beautiful Monday of the May long weekend, because I’m starting to get the spark back, and for part of that spark, I have to send my gratitude to Ash Newlove and her new podcast, Butterfly Effect.

Ashlyn Newlove is a super passionate and outgoing fitness and nutrition coach here in Saskatoon who runs an online program The Sweat Effect, which helps people make health and fitness a priority in a fun and convenient way. Her podcast has a very different approach from other podcasts, where she invites guests onto her show and they interview her. Guest hosts bring their questions and topics of expertise, and Ashlyn uses her own life experience to have in-depth conversations about healthy living, business, and happiness.

The first episode really hit home a lot of things for me, and made me realize that I needed to reevaluate what I was focusing on day to day. I felt so inspired after listening to her first episode, because it reminded me about the goals I made for myself this year and why I originally thought they were so important.

Ashlyn’s first guest host is her good friend Courtney Berg, who is the owner of Vitality Nutrition and is a CrossFit Games Regionals competitor. I really loved this first episode because 1) they both used their extensive fitness and nutrition knowledge to have a really interesting conversation and 2) it made me feel like I was hanging out with a couple of my girlfriends and I just felt really connected to what they were saying.

Needless to say, I’m hooked and could use a lot more of this kind of positivity in my life. If only I could binge multiple episodes at a time!

So, while I am very impatiently waiting for the next episode and constantly refreshing my feed, I strongly recommend that you head on over to iTunes, SoundCloud or Castbox to listen to the first episode and subscribe to the podcast.

Let me know what you think by commenting below, or come find me on social media if you want to chat about it!

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Until next time my friends,



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