Spooky Podcasts That Will Get You Into The Halloween Spirit

moon-703538_1280Happy Halloween Podcast World!

This is the perfect time of year to get into the spirit of getting the pants scared off of you, and what better way to do that then by over indulging in that candy you bought for the kids while listening to some hair-raising and terrifying tales?

I’ve put together a roundup of some great podcasts that range from short horror fiction, true stories to to some full-on audio drama series that you can fully immerse yourselves in and really feel that Halloween spirit. So, let’s skip the small talk and get right into this scary selection!

Olive Hill: This one is a brand new podcast that falls into the mystery or horror audio drama category. It has a very investigative journalism-like feel, but with strange occurrences rather than true crime. It’s set in the town Olive Hill and is based in the year 2001. Two girls disappear into the Daniel Boone National Forest. What makes this disappearance so strange, is that it was the middle of the night, the girls were not together, and they just stopped what they were doing and headed for the woods, never to be found. This podcast promises strangeness and intrigue.

The Grey Rooms: Get ready for a new horror anthology series that will officially be released on November 30th, 2018. There are a couple of teaser episodes that are already available, and leave you wanting to hear more. Every episode will feature a character named Raymond, who at the start of each episode, awakes to find himself in The Grey Rooms.  He must choose and go through a door that will either free him or condemn him to the torture and downfall of characters in each episode’s story line. So far, I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve listened to, even though their second episode has too much of a creepy crawly factor for my liking, but I still think it’s well worth the listen!

The White Vault: If you’re into slow burning horror audio drama, then this podcast is for you. This adventure takes us on an expedition to a remote arctic region, where a repair team is unsettled to discover that there may be something lying in wait beneath the ice. This story is told through a compilation of records and data sent to an outpost, and the fear of the unknown mixed with complete isolation makes this podcast a new binge-worthy favorite for those of us that love this genre.

The NoSleep Podcast: Buckle in kiddies, because this podcast intends to scare and disturb you. Originating from a Reddit forum in 2010, NoSleep features terrifying tales presented by a full cast of talented voice actors and contributors. It’s no secret that this one is my favorite go-to podcast, because I feel like it inspires creativity and sleepless nights. The NoSleep podcast features horror fiction with a great diversity of themes that range from the gore, to monsters, mysteries, and really just showcases all different perspectives of the horror genre. There are hundreds of hours of content available for free, and an awesome season pass program that gives you access to even more horrific stories. I highly recommend this one and give it a 10/10.

Euphomet: If you’re curious about the world of the paranormal, strange happenings, and the great unknown, then you’ll be into this podcast. The host Jim Perry and guests explore true stories based on first-hand experiences with unexplained and unusual phenomena. Episodes are presented like a radio diary, going in-depth into each person’s paranormal experience. It really draws you in right away and will create that creepy atmosphere that you’re looking for.

Spooked: I am really into the storytelling format of Spooked. It’s a podcast that features strange happenings in people’s lives, but it’s not just a typical “hauntings” podcast. With Spooked, you’ll venture into the unknown and the world of the supernatural through the eyes of people that have experienced an unusual dose of reality. The host Glynn Washington is a natural-born story teller himself, and really adds to the ambiance set in each episode. This is a great one to listen to when you’re out driving in the darkness of night!

The Drabblecast: This is an audio fiction podcast where you can find short stories from a a number of contributing authors in different genres, including science fiction, fantasy and horror.  It’s an interesting mixture of weirdness and humor that makes it entertaining, and it’s unique format that includes “drabbles” (100 word stories) and “twabbles” (100 character stories). The Drabblecast is also very fan-friendly, as many of the contributions to the podcast come from the show’s loyal audience.

Astonishing Legends: This podcast is really quite excellent at any time of year, but I especially love diving into this one around Halloween. Scott & Forrest extensively research myths, legends and other unusual events from around the world. They often interview experts or people who have first-hand experiences with the strange and unusual. These podcasts are perfect for longer road trips, because episodes tend to be well over an hour or are featured in multiple parts. It’s definitely a listening experience, where you end up learning a lot of interesting tidbits about history and the paranormal.

Blackwood: Get ready for a hair-raising new audio drama that feels like a mixture of Stanger Things and The Blair Witch Project. This six-part fictional series takes place in Blackwood, Connecticut and follows three teens who start a podcast about local legend The Blackwood Bugman. Their summer project quickly takes a darker turn then expected, when someone works to make sure their secrets stay buried. I’ve listened to all of the available episodes so far, and I’m definitely interested in seeing where this show goes!

And That’s Why We Drink: This podcast is great, because it combines our love of the paranormal and true crime. It’s hosted by duo Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz and has a laid-back vibe that feels like you’re hanging out with a couple of your friends. Grab a glass of wine while diving into these interesting and frightening stories that makes our world a little less boring and a lot more scary.

Jim Harold’s Campfire: The Campfire is one of the earliest podcasts and has been around for over a decade. For those of you that are “Coast to Coast AM” fans, I have a feeling you’ll really enjoy this podcast. It’s like a call-in show where people share their strange or paranormal stories with Jim Harold. it covers everything from UFO’s, ghosts, cryptids and other unusual encounters. It’s perfect for when you’re trying to get into that spooky Halloween mood.

Head on over to your favorite go-to app and check out these awesome podcasts! Let me know what you think by commenting below or come find me on social media if you want to chat about your favorite creepy podcasts if I haven’t included them here.

You can find me on Facebook or Twitter, or you can come join the PodcastMind Community.

Until next time my friends,

Jill D from PodcastMind


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