Podcast Brunch Club: The Saskatoon Chapter

Hey Everybody!

I just wanted to make a quick announcement regarding some exciting news. I’ve decided to lead a chapter of The Podcast Brunch Club here in Saskatoon!

Now you may be asking yourselves, what the heck is a podcast brunch club? Well my friends- it’s like a book club, but with brunch, a curated list of podcast episodes, and a super cool discussion about said episodes with people who love podcasts as much as you do!  And food. Let’s not forget that.

Does this sound like something you’re interested in? Cool! Click the above link, sign up and wait for your welcome email from me with the details.

Not from Saskatoon? That’s okay, because there’s a good chance that there is a chapter available in your city. If not, why not lead your own chapter, or join the PBC online community?

If you’re also interested in talking about all things podcasts, whether it be your favorite episodes, interviews or voice actors, join the PodcastMind Community Facebook group.

Let’s chat people. I can’t wait to meet you!

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