Let’s Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast

Hello fellow podcast listeners!

Well, it’s another beautiful Spring day outside as I continue to slowly pack up my house in preparation for my cross-country move. Obviously this means that I have a podcast cranked up so that I can hear it from every room I wander in and out of.

 I find it really helps with the drudgery that is organizing all of the stuff I’ve collected over the years, and trying to organize it into the different keep-donate-sell piles. And that podcast I’ve got going today my friends, is Let’s Not Meet.

Like my all time favorite podcast NoSleep, Let’s Not Meet originated from a Reddit forum and is still a very popular thread. The difference between these to anthology style podcasts however, is that this one is based on life’s true horror stories. Host Andrew Tate collects and narrates stories from listeners who send in their startling accounts.

Episodes are comprised of several short stories that share the teller’s unique encounter with a person that leaves a lasting impression- one of which they would prefer to not experience again. You’ll hear about stalker’s, lurkers, and close calls with society’s darkest and most awkward humans.  

This podcast recently got a reboot early this year after it was announced that the show was coming to an end, but an outpouring of support came in from the fans. Past episodes are being re-recorded with guest hosts helping narrate the most popular stories.

I am seriously addicted to this podcast as it throws me into the world of unusual human behavior, which is an area I am endlessly fascinated by. I really think you should give it a try, starting with one of my favorite episodes, Sleepover, but the season 1 finale Blueberry was also pretty great.

You can find Let’s Not Meet on your go-to app for all your podcast listening, and I want to hear what you think! Comment below or come find me on my socials.

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Until next time my friends,

Jill D from PodcastMind

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