Survival: A Podcast with Amazing True Stories of Human Resilience

Good day dear readers!

Wow, it has been quite a bit of time since I last published an article! Life has changed so much over this last 6 months. I started a new job, went on my honeymoon to NOLA (which was flipping fantastic, by the way) and now I’m packing up my house to move out of province.

When things get crazy, sometimes you have to make the decision to push your passion to the back-burner until you just have to get back to it. It’s crazy how quickly time gets away from you, but I’m back and ready to dive in to some of my latest podcast finds I think you’ll enjoy as much as I do.

I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with the Parcast Network, who really seem to be churning out new podcasts all of the time, including Serial Killers, Female Criminals and Tales. I actually am a fan of several of their podcasts because of the fact that episodes are well researched, every episode demonstrates good production value, and I really enjoy the way they detail people history and events they cover.  

I find that the only downside that bothers me once in a blue moon is that Parcast podcasts have a very obvious formula that they use for their shows. Every show from this network clearly uses the same format, with copying of the opening script, and that the different hosts between shows have a very similar cadence.

It can make it feel very cookie cutter-esque, especially if you’re moving right from one show to the next. However, it obviously is a successful route that works for them and I still tune in regularly to my favorites, regardless of this very small and occasional annoyance.

One of their newest podcasts that I am loving is Survival, which examines human resilience and the will to live. This is a topic I’ve always found to be so interesting, and am constantly amazed by the snap decisions that people make in a dangerous event.

Survival is about people who live to talk about the impossible situations they were faced with when the odds were against them. The hosts of Survival do a thorough job of telling the true stories while captivating the listener, using an observer-third person narration style that makes it easy to fall into.  

Episodes are dramatic 2-part stories that follow the life and death circumstances of different survivors, from the time leading up to the trauma to dealing with the aftermath of the life altering event. This show highlights the basic human flight or flight instincts and discusses psychological motivations behind the survivors actions.

I personally love podcasts that tell me about pivotal moments in other people’s lives, as I’ve always been curious about differences in human behavior to stressful circumstances. If this also sounds like you, then I do think you’d also really enjoy this podcast

You can find Survival on your favorite go-to app and let me know what you think by commenting below or come find me on social media.

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Until next time my friends,

Jill D from PodcastMind

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