The Secret Room Podcast

Hello hello everyone!

Well, it has certainly been a good while since I’ve written any new blog posts. In my defense, life got pretty hectic, but I’m happy to be back to sitting in front of my laptop writing about podcasts, and can’t wait to tell you about this recent find!

Have you ever had a secret that you’ve been dying to get off of your chest? What if you could tell someone anonymously? What if that person also just happened to be recording your deepest darkest secret for a podcast listened to by people from all around the world?

If you’ve got something to get off your chest, feel free to enter The Secret Room with main podcast host Ben Hamm. Not interested in spilling? That’s okay too, because then you can just sit back, relax and enjoy listening to everyone else talk about things they would never share in their regular life.

I am totally fascinated by the premise of this podcast, because 1) you really have no idea what road each episode is going to take you down and 2) it’s really interesting to hear about choices people make when they’re faced with some kind of decision, scenario or obstacle.

The Secret Room is a podcast that you can start anywhere, because each episode features a different person’s story. Some episodes highlight secrets where people have made choices that they regret or feel shame about, whereas other people decide to remember their experience fondly or with a funny anecdote.

This podcast has heart, mystery and intrigue. It can make you feel really connected to the person sharing something that is so personal to them, but I also find myself exclaiming, “you did WHAT?!” after finding out some integral piece of the story line.

It also forces you to question why it’s so much easier to share our deepest secrets with complete strangers, but hide things from the people we love. To me the answer is simple: judgement and acceptance. Let’s face it- it’s easier being an anonymous person when you’re admitting to having made some questionable choices.   

So there it is people, The Secret Room is a podcast that will certainly keep you guessing and wanting more. Not sure where to start? My personal favorite episode is #60 My Secret Career. It’s ridiculous and hilarious, and you won’t be disappointed. Head on over to whatever app you use to stream your podcasts and subscribe now. Let me know what you think by commenting below, or come find me on social media if you want to chat about it!

I asked the kick ass host Ben Hamm a few questions about his podcasting journey, and you can find out what he said in our short little interview HERE.

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If you like The Secret Room, then you’ll also enjoy Terrible, Thanks for Asking and Death, Sex & Money.

Until next time my friends, Pod On.


2 thoughts on “The Secret Room Podcast

  1. Thanks for the tip! Episode 60 was great. CJ was a hoot. But I vote for Ep 64 My Daughter's Famous Father as best episode I've heard (so far). OMG. Great find! Thanks!


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