6 Podcasts To Help You Celebrate The Paper Anniversary: Featuring The Earbuds Podcast Collective

Hello to everyone out there in podcast land!

Today I’m teaming up with  The EarBuds Podcast Collective to celebrate a really exciting  milestone they’ve just arrived at. It’s their one year anniversary! That’s right folks. They’re celebrating one year of curating podcast listening lists, encouraging people to try new things, hosting storytelling events and building a community that celebrates audio greatness. They call this the Listening Movement, and it’s something that I can totally relate to.
The awesome thing that I love about listening to podcasts is that it can be more than just entertainment. It’s people that are sharing something about themselves, whether it’s their creativity or life experience. Podcasts have this way of connecting people, and can have a message powerful enough to change how you see the world.
So to help EarBuds’ celebrate, I’ve reviewed their latest Listening List and added one of my own recommendations to go along with their completely appropriate theme, “The Paper Anniversary.”

Congratulations EarBud’s, and cheers to many more years to come!

Lavar Burton Reads – The Paper Menagerie

I remember reading “The Paper Menagerie” as a kid, but hearing this piece of short fiction read by Lavar Burton is pure gold. It’s a heartfelt story that encapsulates magic realism with the wonder and imagination of a child. Lavar has a really eloquent way of discussing his insights into the piece and what it means for the characters. I was completely captivated by plot of “The Paper Menagerie”, and usually while I’m listening to a podcast, I’m getting ready for the day or working, but I literally had to just sit and experience the emotions of the story.  It was fantastic and I can’t wait to hear what else “Lavar Burton Reads” has to offer!

Mifflinfinity – Season 2 episode 1 – The Dundies

I’m a huge fan of “The Office”, so I was pretty excited to see this episode on the Listening List. It’s also the first podcast I’ve heard that does a plot synopsis of a TV show, so I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. The podcast takes a deep dive into the first episode of the second season “The Dundies,” an award show that boss Michael Scott hosts for his employees every year. This is the first episode of the series that really diverts away from the UK original version, and becomes what we know to be the American Office. I thought this podcast episode was pretty good, but I also think that I would rather just watch the TV show then hear a summary and break down of it. I’m never one to only test out one episode of a new podcast though, so I’ll probably give it another try and see what else it has to offer.

Stuff You Should Know – A Dry Look at Toilet Paper

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed listening to a podcast that talked about toilet paper and your downstairs hygiene business for an entire episode. Hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant discuss the history of how we got to the bright white and fully plied TP we know and love. They also talk about how different cultures do their business, how toilet paper is made and they also discuss the great debate of over or under. It’s funny and entertaining, and you definitely learn a thing or two. If nothing else, you have a great friend group conversation topic in the side lines for when things get a little too quiet for your liking.

The Guardian – Panama Papers

You may have heard about the Panama Papers: a leak of millions of documents from an off shore law firm that reveals tax evasion by the rich, adding to the controversy surrounding the legality of off shore accounts. This was by far the most intensive and detailed episode on the listening list. I did find it interesting, however I’d be lying if I said that it was an easy listen. I definitely had to do some online reading for my own sake and did find the episode to be a little long, but I now have a much greater understanding of what it all actually means, so I do think it’s worth a listen.

Planet Money – Trash

This episode from npr was so interesting! It’s a short, fact filled episode that talks about how hard it is to be in the recycling business these days.  This episode goes into why the global economy can have such a huge impact on what is worth recycling, and that the things we toss in the blue bin can end up as trash even if our intentions to recycle were good. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and was really surprised at some of the things that I learned. Let’s just say I now frown with dismay at the growing pile of plastic grocery bags by my back door. I’ll be looking into what else Planet Money has to offer and digging into more of their episodes.

The Mortified Podcast- Jason: The King of Scotland

This final podcast is my pick based on the Paper Anniversary theme! “The Mortified Podcast” is a place where you can go and Share the Shame, which is when adults read in front of an audience from their journals and letters, or anything else they created and wrote when they were kids. Some of the things you hear in this podcast are ridiculous and embarrassing, but so flipping funny. This particular episode is one of my favorites, because of how hard it made me laugh, and that it’s just so relatable. It’s dramatic and sometimes sad, but I think listening to Jason’s struggles in high school will make us all flash back to a moment similar to pretending to be 17th Century nobility, and thinking that would be easier than being a teenager.

Thanks so much for reading, and don’t forget to head over to The EarBuds Podcast Collective to wish them a happy one year anniversary! Are you new to my page and want to find a new podcast to listen to? Follow me on Twitter and Facebook! I’ve also just created the new PodcastMind Community on Facebook, where you can come meet new people and talk about your favorite podcasts.

Until next time friends! Enjoy these episodes and keep listening.

Jill D

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