The Generation Why Podcast

Hey there podcast friends!

It is now that time of year (at least in Western Canada) where snow blankets the ground, people forget how to drive and you dress for -20℃ + windchill weather knowing it’s only going to get colder. I personally don’t really mind it. I find comfort in sitting in front of the fireplace with my glass filled to the brim with wine, and my earbuds in place with the latest episodes from my favorite podcasts.

The podcast I want to share with you today is Generation Why, where hosts Aaron and Justin talk about unsolved cases of missing or murdered people. They have also covered well known conspiracies and mysteries, but true crime is their predominant subject matter.

When getting to know me, one of the first things to come up is my (creepy) love of true crime. It’s actually how my twin and I bonded with our long-lost-but-forever-united sister, where one of the first topics that came up was how awesome Dateline was, and the fact that we all shared the same dark sense of humor. True Crime: Bringing Families Together….or not. Dammit Jill! Stop being inappropriate!

Anyways, to sum up, (true crime) + (podcasts) = a subsequent increase in Jill’s happiness.

There are a few things that I really like about Generation Why, which is what makes me check in each week to look for new episodes. Many of the cases they discuss have unsatisfying endings, where the killer isn’t caught, the missing person is never found, and justice or truth does not triumph over all else.

Long-time friends Aaron and Justin have an in-depth discussion where they state the facts known, evidence discovered, and talk about the main theories surrounding the case. They end episodes by giving their own opinions on what they think happened based on the evidence, and I find that they do a really good job of covering relevant information.

They are quite respectful of people involved in the cases, and don’t tend to give overly gory details of the crimes. This is something that I gravitate towards when I need a break from other true crime podcasts that tend to include more of the gruesome details. Overall, I really enjoy listening to these guys, and it is definitely one of my go-to podcasts.

Now friends, as I conclude this post with my played out pup by my side, it’s time for you to add Generation Why to your podcast feeds, pop in your ear buds and binge listen to this well-produced show. I recommend episode 248, The Co-Ed Killer. Big Ed is one scary human being and his story is a disturbing one.

Until next time, take care and happy listening!

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