September Podcast Brunch Club Meeting

It’s like a book club, but you listen to podcasts instead! Join Saskatoon’s PBC chapter for our September meeting on the 25th, where this months playlist theme is all about OCEAN CONSERVATION.

It looks like it’s going to be a really interesting playlist!  Check out the event I’ve created on Facebook for all the details, so go  RSVP and come meet some new people.

You can sign up for the PBC Saskatoon chapter HERE and listen to the curated list, then come out for a couple of drinks and some good discussion!

Not from Saskatoon? That’s okay, because there’s a good chance that there is a chapter available in your city. If not, why not lead your own chapter, or join the PBC online community?

If you’re also interested in talking about all things podcasts,  join the PodcastMind Community.

See you there!
Jill D

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