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Hey friends!

How’s everybody doing with their New Year’s resolutions? I’ve been working on meal planning and prepping, and just trying to eat healthier in general. I’ll admit that today I was HANGRY because I’m trying to get used to not constantly shoving cookies into my face, so to all the people who have had to interact with me and have no choice but to feel my hungry wrath, sorry. Give me another week and I’m sure I’ll mellow out.

Today I wanted to share with you The Big Loop, a fantastic newly released podcast that I have been loving. I’ve wanted to write about this particular podcast from the moment I first heard it, but thought I would give it a bit more time so that I would be able to be more comprehensive. After hearing their latest and I think my favorite episode “Goodbye Mr. Adams”, I knew that I just had to sit down and write to get the word out about how flipping GREAT this podcast is, before it burst out of my chest and killed me. Too dramatic? Never. And how dare you.

This biweekly anthology series was created by executive producer and The Black Tapes co-creator, Paul Bae, who is an awesome human being for sharing his creativity with us all. I would describe The Big Loop as being set in a universe where anything and everything is possible.

Each episode is its own unique experience that ranges from weird, heart wrenching, to hilarious and just completely captivating. The one and only down side (and I’m really reaching here) is that each season will only be six episodes, but honestly it’s very obvious that so much work goes into each piece. After I listen to one, I have to re-listen to it and then think for a while about what happened and how it made me feel.

This is the kind of podcast that makes you feel fully invested in it within the first 5 minutes, where each episode is unexpected and is nothing like the one before it. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the first season finale, and if you haven’t heard anything from The Big Loop, then you seriously need to head over to your podcast app, subscribe and binge listen to the first 5 episodes.

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