Astonishing Legends

Good day, my fellow podcast-craving friends!
Today’s post is about a podcast that very recently gave me nightmares and made me a zombie at work the following day, so I thought it was more than worthy of being mentioned here amongst my favorites. I’m talking about Astonishing Legends, a podcast where hosts Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess discuss all things strange, unexplained and downright terrifying.
What’s different about this podcast, is that Scott and Forrest will pick some kind of strange event or encounter and spend 3 or 4  episodes on in-depth, entertaining discussion about a topic that can be mysterious, dark and frightening or just fun and enjoyable .
Episodes are any where between 1 to 3 hours in length, and the amount of research and effort that goes into their show comes out in a detailed explanation of history, interviews, different theories and their own opinions on the matter.
There are definitely positives and negatives with this kind of format, but I promise you, it’s mostly positive. For example, if it is a topic you’re not really interested in, then you have three or four weeks of that content where you either listen to it and learn a thing or two, or you don’t and just have to wait it out.
I generally fall into the camp of listening to almost everything because I enjoy the banter between the hosts, and often times I find myself laughing with them. The plus side of this format of course, is that you get 3 or 4 weeks of the most detailed and extensive research on something that fascinates you, that you likely won’t find anywhere else unless you do all of that work yourself.
Something that I really enjoy is that episodes start with a quote from one of their sources and these really get you hooked to hear more of the story. Some of my favorite topics have been Skinwalker Ranch, The Devil & Anneliese Michel, and Shadow People.
The topic I’ve been dying to hear about and my new number one favorite is Blackeyed Kids, otherwise known as one of my worst nightmares, hence the sleepless night earlier this week.I definitely enjoy their running jokes (where are you from Forrest!?) and at this point I think it could be a drinking game for the number of times Amelia Earhart or Mothman is mentioned in many of the mostly unrelated topics, but it makes me laugh and declare DRINK! so I find that I really don’t mind the tangents.
So venture forth, scroll through their episodes and try something that peaks your interest! You will not be disappointed by Astonishing Legends, and I’m sure you’ll find yourself binge-listening from the very beginning.
Happy listening!
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